Friday, June 15, 2012

chemoteraphy first cycle

Early next morning, we left house to hospital pantai. On the way, we stop for breakfast. From our house in laguna merbok, the journey took only 40 minutes, compared from our house in pendang, about 1 and a half hour.
Its a smooth journey. As usual, parking at the hospital is a problem, we parked outside the hospital compound, at a fuel station nearby, and walked to the hospital. We went straight to my hubby's room. He already had his breakfast.
 The doctor came to the ward, chit chatting a little bit and left. The arrangement was , a nurse will come and fetch my husband and he will be accompanied to the chemo room, on the ground floor. The ward was on the second floor.
It was quite a long wait, until 11.00 only a nurse came and bring my hubby to the chemo room.
the procedure was, explained by the doctor, they will inject a liquid which was said to lessen the side effect of the chemo. Next they will infuse water, to make the vein ready as a pathway for the chemical, cytoxin. Then another water to flush the left over chemical from the tube or the vein.
the needle was injected at the back of the left hands. The doctor said, my husband will be observed for half an hour then will be discharged.
It was said the whole process will take about 2 hours, but than, it was longer. they started at 12 something and finished after four. The girls, make a trip to a nearby hypermarket. But I'm staying in the hospital. Waiting outside, lunch in the cafetaria, solat at the hospital surau.. to pass the time.
There was another lady with BC in the chemo room, the doctor claimed she was cured already, and the treatment was only a normal follow up. The staff in the chemo room are also friendly and helpful. I asked them if a patient while doing chemo can go to the toilet or eat, she said of course they can. She also said, some patient bring food and eat while on chemo. So I went to the cafetaria and bought some buns, so that my hubby wont starved in the room.
After the whole process which was near five (I remembered the dreadful journey on the bridge yesterday) we were allowed to go home. My husband had his rice, said that his hand was quite numb and had pricky sensation. Maybe the tiny veins had been teared by the last flushing, because the drip was quite fast.But he still had his appetite. After finishing his meal, we quickly gathered his things and head home.
This time, there was not so many cars on the bridge.. and the journey was a smooth one. Its a beautiful ride.
I'll write about side effect of chemoteraphy on my next post, InsyaAllah.

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