Monday, January 3, 2011


Two weeks before school reopen the adminisrators have to attend school everyday in order to prepare for the coming school session. The yearly planner which is halfway through was able to be bind on Wednesday, a day earlier that planned. Thanks to all for making it possible although after a torough check some errors are ditacted. People do make mistakes right? 26 th Dec is the staff meeting for academic session 2011, held in the computer lab, everything went well. Starting at 8.30 a.m after a sponsored breakfast in the canteen, briefing by briefing were given by the principal, senior assistants, counsellor and end up at about 1.30pm. Another sponsored meal for lunch with nasi hujan panas, daging masak hitam, ayam masak merah and cucumber pickles, everyone headed home. On the 28th, the registeration and starting of orientation for form 1 students, 29th, registeration for form 2 and three students, 30th , registeration for form 4, 5 and upper 6 students. The Ministry of Education had warn us teachers, the first day is lesson day, no playing aroung, no orientation as before, and this new were publish near the last week of the holidays, while all the plans had been told to students before the school holidays. The up there people should remember, next time when they decide something, they should inform us earlier, so that we can relay the information to students accordingly. Not at the last minute like their decision, because everything will be caca merba when it involved school students. And the up there people also warn that action will be taken to those who abide this order. Okay, we are so scared that every previous plan had to be abandon. Make do with the limited time, the form 1 students had to attend school three days in a row to and fro from their house for their three days orientation . There is no orientation week for the form 4 students, as teacher in charge for form four I just paste their name list according to their class a few places in the school for them to know which class they will be this year, no more slow talk to explain why this student goes to this class and why other students to the other class. But as expected not every students attend their registeration day, in fact only 25% of each class attended. They supposed to buy excercise book from the coop, get their time table so that they bring the right book on the first day to school, they also had to clean the class, make sure there are enough chairs and desk for everyone, appointed their class committee, and ect..ect. This was to ensure that everything will run smoothly on the first day of school. On behalf of the school administrators, we had tried our best to make everything goes well. The principal had announced on the meeting day, every teachers should attend school on wednesday and thursday but some seems not to hear the announcement and become the absentees that day. And oh yes... in conjuction of the AFF CUP/Suzuki cup which Malaysia had won the previous night against Indonesia, the prime mnister announce sunday is a holiday. At about 2 p.m everything seems to clear up, students and teachers had left the school compound so I packed up my things. Sorry other admins, had to go back early today because my family and I are heading to Pantai Merdeka Beach Resort this evening as the department my husband work for is helding their family day on friday. So this seems to be the last activity for this year end school holidays, before moving on to the next chapter in 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

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