Tuesday, January 4, 2011


     3rd January, first day for the new session. Five to seven, I started my official journey to school 5 km away, 10 minutes journey. Longer night hour in January cause the journey was pitch black eventhough it was nearly seven. Seems that everybody were eager to reach school early on the first day, cause a long queue at the junction. Worsened the situation, it was raining , poor visiblity cause everybody to be extra careful and made the ride a slow one.
     Reached school 15 minutes later, only a few teachers had arrived, while the school compound was still empty, no students were to be seen. As usual, when it rain, school attendance drop tremendously. First day assembly was cancel due to the rain. Lesson starts at 7.40 a.m. Form five SP, full attendance, good sign. After greetings, hellos and how are you, we started the day by discusing the last year's examination question.
     Then, 3H, for living skills lesson. First time meeting them, seems ok. 3G, the boys, are quite talkative want to show off. this might be a problem to be tackled.
     As teacher in charge of the form 4 students, some came and ask to be transfered to other class. Their excuse, cannot cope with the lesson especially in pure science class. What an excuse.. the lesson was not even started and they said they cannot cope. Their result was good, but they want to avoid the hardship of studying science subjects if they were in that class. Surrender before battle, I told them and asked them to stay in the class until the first monthly test in February.
     Everything went well and smooth on the first day, Alhamdulillah. A good sign for the rest of the year 2011. Insyaallah.

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