Monday, November 1, 2010

Another bus accident..

gambar hanya hiasan
Another accident involving a bus. This time near Genting Sempah. A group of Belia 4B from Siong , Baling were the passengers. Most of them were so young, around 15 to 20 years. Only the drivers are 36 ang 52 years old on the bus. The passengers realised that there were something wrong with the bus like drops of water from the air condition, no power to climb the hill, even one of them heard the driver was warned that the brake was not in a good condition. But still they went on with the trip which took seven lives and injured many others. If they were a bit demanding, ask for a better bus, or boycott the trip, this thing wont happen. But then they were just innocent boys from Siong who were eager to go on with what they planned maybe months before. After interrogation, the driver had no driving licence and have to keep on working as bus driver to support his family, eventhough the pay is so low. Just imagine, RM120 per trip as far as Kedah-Malacca. This is a case of "we can change it" but they do not bother  or just ignore the details. As consumers, we have the rights to demand for better services, especially when safety is involved.

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