Sunday, October 17, 2010


This recipe is quite easy and fast. The taste is good and after eating it, we will feel long lasting fullness.
potatoes, plenty of it.
minced beef
chopped onions and garlics
chopped vegetables, like carrots,corns,peas

saute chopped onion in pre heated butter, put minced beef, cook until done. Put in mixed vegetables, mix well. Take out and put in coriander to get rid of the excess liquid.
Potatoes, boiled, mash with butter until fine. Put the fillings in a casserole or if you like, in the container in the picture above. Topped it with mashed potato, sprinkle some mozarella cheese on top. Baked in an oven. You can eat it hot, or after chilled in in the referigerator.
Happy trying..

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