Sunday, October 10, 2010

Malang x berbau......

7.10.2010, accident in the bathroom. While I was washing my headscarves and final rinsed them in the softener , the bathroom floor began to get slippery. wrong step taken and there I was, on the floor with big bang and painful. Looking at my left wrist I knew that something was terribly wrong with it. The x-ray proved that it was broken and slightly out of place. The doctor suggest to go for operation, put titanium in my wrist to straightened things up. He said that the other option , pull the wrist manually and cement will take longer time to heal, and theres a risk that the alignments might not back to normal. So after 15 hours of fasting, I was pushed into the operation theather. Yes, I have to fast that long because the OT was occupied. As I was already on the table I manage to look at the wall's clock and it was 12.30 pm. When they injected me with the anaesthetic I started to fell uncomfortably drowsy. I only wake up when I heard my name being called,at 3.30 , I was still confused and took a few seconds to realised what was going on. Alhamdullillah it was over, I was pushed back to my bed, feeling so sleepy and only fully woke up at 6.00pm. So, now I'm on my way to recovery. I hope everything will go well as I'm not a very good single handed.

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