Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All in a day works-Restu Guru

Sunday (3rd of October), as usual the school started its day with doa reciting by the prefect and singing of the national anthem. Then came the announcement, "All form three students and teachers, please go to the Open Hall for today's assembly". And after a lot of coughes and sneezes, the students were able to stand in straight lines. The PMR examination secretary briefed the students on what to do's and don'ts during the examination period. As usual, the students were reminded again and again to bring their IC and examination slip to the exam hall. (But of course the next day, quite a few ask for letter of confirmation from the office for not bringing their IC and slips). Followed by a few words by the Principal, then came the Restu Guru time. But as agreed by other teachers Restu Guru nowadays is not as deep Restu Guru few years back, when some students and also teachers shed tears as the event was so full of emotions. But now its just a thing to do. Students nowadays had lost their appreciation, arrogant and hard headed. They thought that they become clever by their own. Never mind, we teachers had done our duty to prepare you for the examination, the rest is up to you and Allah's blessing. So, good luck for the examination.

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