Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today is raya again for the whole of citizen of SMKSI. But out of my forgetful head, i left the camera and my mobile phone too. So , no pictures just words to describe. I was away for the MBI course most of the week, and today my first day at school after course and our school raya. What I want to write about is what not to forget for the next celebration with God's willing.
1. The Majlis guru should plan an appropriate committee members, not tangkap muat. with over a hundred staffs, more than one thousand students, this occasion should be well planned. Or, there will be kecacatan here and there.
2. The ketupat nasi should be cooked a day before hand, easier, nicer to cut.
3. Committee members should be assigned to prepare foods like rendang, gravies which were so short today. We wouldn't mind, just ask us, and we'll be happy to do it. If we are not asked we'll afraid that its us terhegeh2 want to do this and that.
4. The area for the celebration must be wider, so it will be comfortable for everyone. Look like our cafetaria cannot accomodate our numbers anymore, so, why not next year, rent a tent or two, so that we can divide boys and girls which will be more Islamic.
5. Dont't serve rice . like today, the students were quite reluctant to take the rice, they were just eaten during the recess and still full. They were more interested to get the cakes and cookies. Next year, prepare tomato rice with chicken for them, they'll love it. Today's white rice with gulai ceroi beef and long beans were not to their taste. As a result there were lots of rice left over, but, hey, what happened to the gulai??
So, those are the post mortem of today's event, hope that things will be better next time. But, thank you very much to all the person involved to get the plan a success, What is importang? Team work.

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