Wednesday, September 29, 2010


End of Phase four... nothing to look forward to anymore. There are 19 of us, from Pendang and Kubang Pasu District. The first phase started on 2nd of August 2010 , the second phase during the fasting month, third phase, after the Raya holiday, and the last one a week after. The objective of the course is to top up the proficiency of Non optionist english language teachers. I still remember the first day of the course, every one was so polite and quite.. But the day onwards, true colours came out. The course was fun because of the participants and trainers. We came from different background, me myself a science agricultural , there were visual art teacher, mathematic, ict, Islamic knowledge, special education and on and on.. That add the fun of the course, our differences completed each other , we were pieces of jigsaw puzzle put together and the product is tremendous. The group of 19 then divided into four for the Global Citizen Day events, where we have to put up a one day exhibition. Themes were laid out for us to choose. We were brief on what should we do and prepare for the exhibition. Our group chose the theme 'food around the world'. We discussed from one food to another cannot made up our mind and kept telling ourselves, "there is still plenty of time". And on the third phase only we decided to make roti arab but with different name to give it a little "umphh". The last phase came, and it was only one and half a day to prepare for the project. We need to come up with a 3 panels promotional brochure, an information leaflet, flow charts of the process and procedures, language activities, language games and even songs. We had to race against time, but under work stress only we know that we can pull things together. A new invented recipe, a new song lyric, colourful charts, creative games were produced. Although there were sneezes and coughs here and there the objective of our group had been achieved. Thanks to all the group members, kak Nadzipah, Kak Fadzillah, Mr. Cheah, Nor Adzimah and Zuridah for support and cooperation. May Allah bless you all. All of you are lovely lavenderians that will stay in my heart. Hope we will meet again.

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me too.
I met such a nice, calm lady during MBI..Aslina.