Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raya 2010

Raya come again, we went back several days before raya. We reached Gombak at about 3 pm to pick zhafri and Aiman at Zhafri's rented house. We continued our journey, a smooth one, as other people did not start heading to Kampung yet, unlike last year when we got stucked in Karak Hiway because the Kelantanese were swarming to Kelantan via Bentong-Kuala Lipis road. And the last minute decision by the Education Ministry to give Friday as school holiday nation wide. Well, we reached Temerloh at 6 pm , so there's still time to stop by Temerloh Bazar Ramadan. There were large crowd, (as usual) so we squeezed our way frantically , should I say as time run short. Masak Tempoyak ikan patin is a must to my husband, so I bought two big pieces, ayam percik, masak lemak cili padi bamboo shoots, sambal tempoyak with ubi kayu shoots, roti John, and , I never see it before, spiral potato stick. And of course air katira, as mentioned by a friend on fb. It took only 5 minutes to my mother's house. Although I've been leaving in Pendang for more than 20 years, but when I saw my parent's house it still a "home sweet home" to me. Alhamdulillah, we made it safely. My beloved parents were already waiting on the verandah, welcoming us. My other sisters were celebrating raya this year with their in-laws as this year its the husbands' kampung turn. Nor came back that night after break fasting, Ti the next day, Tini the first raya and Ri the second raya. So, its seemed that only my mum and me will be preparing the food. Its ok though ,only once a year.

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