Sunday, November 29, 2009

TJ . . .

This is TJ - short for Tomei Junior. Yang kami ambil di pasar 18 Dec 2008 untuk menggantikan Tomei yang hilang pada hari raya haji 2008. Tidak seperti TOmei, TJ ialah kucing betina. Kali pertama gave born to 3 kittens on 1st June 2009. Sadly though, two and a half months later, all 3 kittens disappeared just like that. Despite of our avid search the kittens were not found. Tj was left kittenless and our home was not as cheerful as before. Then, on 19th Oct. TJ gave birth to another 3kittens. We named them Cumi, Ciki and Miko just like the previous three. Our house is cheerful once more. Hopefully, they are here to stay, not to be lost just like before.

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