Friday, December 26, 2008

To face economic crisis

What can ordinary people like us do to face the situation? Economic crisis means financial crisis, so the most appropriate things to do is to watch our expenses. How?
1.Save money on food. Everybody must eat, it is sad to see the news report, a mother interviewed at the wet market said that she had to give her children smaller amount of food due to financial crisis. This might affect our future modal insan. THe children will be malnutrition , prone to deseases, affect their brains and retarded their growth. How can we save money on food.
a, plant your own vegetables. Well, it is impossible to plant coconut, bananas or other big trees when you are living in condominium or apartment. But, there are herbs plants that can be planted in pots and put in the balcony, such as tomatoes, chillies, brinjals, chives, pegaga, kesum, and a lot more. Furthermore, this can beautify our balcony. So, start plant your vegetable, leave out the orchids, roses and other plants that cannot be eaten.
b. Cook our own meals. Stop eating out. I once heard a tv personality complained that prawn are lesser in prawn kaoy teow nowadays. A sizeable prawn cost about RM 8.00 half a kilo. There will be about 18 big fat prawns in it. Plus the cost of koayteow, garlic, onions, bean sprout, chives and multi sauces you have to put in to make it taste delicous, the total cost is about RM12.00. Four to five people can savour this koay teow with nett price of only RM2.40 per head. Compared to RM 4.00 when you eat out, with drinks , you have to spend RM30.00 for five person, and if you have to drive to the outlet, this will add more to the cost. Per meal we can save RM 22.00. So, if per month we eat out in the average of 5 times, we can save RM110.00. For this amount we can buy more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.
So, roll your sleeves and start cooking.

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