Friday, December 26, 2008

Save cost

Plan our journey.

Eventhough, the price of petrol is being reduce to RM 1.90/liter, we can still enjoy our money if we can save on petrol. When we have to drive to a place, make sure, there are more than one errand, so your journey will worth it. This will also save your time and energy. Plan your journey, so that you don't have to drive around and around to and forth.

Few months ago , somewhere in March the price of petrol is RM 2.70 per liter, compared to RM 1.90 per liter now. So, per liter, we can save RM0.90. If we consume 50 liter of petrol per month, we now have extra money of RM45.00. Don't let this money spent unnotified, but save it in your saving accounts or tabung haji, or your tabung. We'll have RM540.00 more in our account at the end of the year.

Save on groceries.
When you buy things like cooking oil, it is cheaper to buy 5 kgs bottle compared to 3kgs bottle. Next time you went to the supermarket, check the price. Buy in bulks, it is cheaper.
Choose supermarket brands. Big supermarket like Tesco and Giants produce their own products, so choose their product instead of other brands because their's are much cheaper. For instance Tesco Dish liquid cost RM 2.40 while Sunlight dish liquid cost RM 3.50. Tesco Butter cookies cost RM6.90, while Danish Butter Cookies cost RM 9.90.
The quality, the taste are almost the same.
Before you go, list out your shopping list and stick to it. Without shopping list, we tend to buy more than we need.
Buy groceries for a month. thid will reduce your trip to the supermarket. Less trip, less money spent. We'll save more.
So, start spend wisely.

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