Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teh paling sedap....

Siapa2 yang pergi ke Cameron Highlands, tolong belikan mycikgu teh ni. Mycikgu sejak minum teh ni about 3 years ago, teh2 lain tu dah tak suit dengan tekak dah. Unfortunately, this tea are only sold in Cameron Highlands, couldn't find it anywhere down here, not at Tesco, carefour or any hyper market. I wonder why. Why I like it? Well the taste is satisfying with a little fragrant at the end or your throat. Got to taste it yourself to understand it. For a box of 40's the price is RM 5.10 only. Great to be serve as tea without cream or milk or teh tarik.Produce of Bharat Tea - Cameron valley. Bharat Tea, give me discount la for promoting your tea.

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