Friday, January 9, 2009

The sending and fetching had BEGUN!!!!!

Dah sekolah ni, tinggallah kami 3 orang kat rumah. Yang lain-lain had gone back to their hostels. Zhafri di Kolej Unikop Gombak, Aiman di SM Teknik Alor Star, Syahirah di SMK Sultanah Asma Alor Star. Well, no more having to wake them up after 12.00 noon, no more listening to 705 channel yang lagu2 mrapu tu, no more have to watch channel 615 all day long, no more smelling the toasted bread after midnight because they were hungry again, for staying up late, I hope the electric bill will drop this month.
No more all of that, but something else had started. After sending, the telephone rang and at the end of the line : I forget this, I forget that, please send me this, send me that. And on the first Thursday evening, just when I was about to land on my pillow, Aiman called: come and fetch me at the bus station. And when night came, Syahirah called: come and fetch me tommorrow afternoon. I want to go home, there's something I had left behind. Tommorrow is outing so I can go out until before 6.00 pm. Ahh... yes, it was the same like last year, but the one and a half month holliday had make me forget about that. The sending and fetching had begun.

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